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Emily Adams Bode
Clarisse Fahrtmann
Other Fields
Zoe Kauder Nalebuff
Clarence Kwan
Laida Lertxundi
Tim Lyons
Emma Leigh Macdonald
Emmanuel Olunkwa
Jordan Page
Rowan Spencer
Thing Thing
Ama Torres
Chloé Vadot
Eugene Whang


2017 radio
Mac Demarco
Weyes Blood
Rachel Buchholtzer
Angus Tarnawsky
Jonah Reider
Ayla Tse & Théa Spring
Vincent Tsang
Fran Mayo
Jan Snarski
Atticus Moorman
Ravyn Lanae


Daniel Lombroso
Look Vibrant
Andrew Wong
Cloe Logan
Dominique Glassman

Le Dépanneur is an annual publication, founded and edited by Emma Leigh Macdonald.

Its title—borrowed from the term for a Montréal corner store—should get at a miscellaneous but sincere content, and an unlimited curiosity for the creative processes and particularities that a city can make room for. Its latest issue is a culmination of four years, resulting in a time capsule of sorts and offering an unexpected archive of the lives of those who will shape what our next four will look like.

You can write to in Brooklyn, New York for all back issues, inquiries, submissions, and hellos.

This video is a look into Issue 03. Images by: Clarisse Fahrtmann, Clarence Kwan, Laida Lertxundi, Tim Lyons, Emma Leigh Macdonald, Object Studies, Emmanuel Olunkwa, Hassan Rahim, Yoko Takahashi, Thing Thing, Ama Torres, and Colleen Tuite.