Le Dépanneur

Issue 03 
  1. GRNASFCK, Thing Thing & Chloé Vadot
  2. Eug & Rowan Spencer
  3. Emily Bode
  4. Jordan Page
  5. Zoe Kauder Nalebuff
  6. Andru Sisson & Clarisse Fahrtmann
  7. Laida Lertxundi
  8. Juan Camillo
  9. Tim Lyons
  10. Ama Torres

Issue 02 —
  1. Mac Demarco
  2. n10.as radio
  3. Weyes Blood
  4. Rachel Buchholtzer & Angus Tarnawsky
  5. Fran Mayo
  6. Jonah Reider
  7. Atticus Moorman
  8. Ayla Tse & Théa Spring
  9. Ravyn Lanae
  10. Jan Snarski
  11. Vincent Tsang

Issue 01 —
  1. Ought
  2. Look Vibrant
  3. Dominique Glassman
  4. Dan Lombroso
  5. Cloe Logan
  6. Andrew Wong

  1. Le Dépanneur is an annual arts & culture publication, founded as a platform for interesting work of all sorts 
  2. Its titleborrowed from the term for a Montreal corner store—should get at a miscellaneous but thoughtful content, and an investigation of the creative processes that a city can make room for
  3. You can write to depanneurmagazine@gmail.com in Brooklyn, NY for all back issues, inquiries, submissions, and hellos


3. Thomas Kuhn


TK / 1962
From The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

            Yet one standard product of the scientific enterprise is missing. Normal science does not aim at novelties of fact or theory and, when successful, finds none. New and unsuspected phenomena are, however, repeatedly uncovered by scientific research, and radical new theories have again and again been invented by scientists.
            The practice of normal science depends on the ability, acquired from exemplars, to group objects and situations into similarity sets which are primitive in the sense that the grouping is done without an answer to the question, “Similar with respect to what?” One central aspect of any revolution is, then, that some of the similarity relations change. Objects that were grouped in the same set before are grouped in different ones afterward and vice versa. Think of the sun, moon, Mars, and earth before and after Copernicus; of free fall, pendular, and planetary motion before and after Galileo; or of salts, alloys, and a sulpuhur-iron filing mix before and after Dalton.